IPhone recuperado por “sedução”

05 Jan

Naday Nirenberg recuperou o iPhone assim:

On NYE I accidentally left my phone in the cab to the gig, and it was immediately turned off when I called it. Multiple calls/emails to myself (the phone) offering a reward for the following 12 hours were deleted, this dude was clearly keeping it. Damn.

The next morning I woke up to see that the thief had been on my old OKCupid account sending weird messages to girls at 6 in the morning! Not only is he stealing my phone, he’s creepy and disturbing, and gave me an idea:

I created a fake email and a half-believable OKCupid account as “Jennifer Gonzalez” – a 24-year-old girl who just moved to Brooklyn and is looking for a man to take her out. I sent a message to the thief (my account) and chatted him up as Jennifer…weird. A few hours later he was headed to “Jennifer’s apartment” for a relaxing bottle of wine and a good time. What a lucky night for him!

Little did he know that on his way up the stairs I would pop out behind him, calmly give him $20 for my phone (it was in his hand) and tell him the cops were on the way (with a hammer in my hand). RETRIBUTION! The look of immediate shame on his face was priceless, homie was shook and must feel like an idiot. Dude was all dressed up, had a bottle of wine and stank of cologne. As he was walking away I was surprised I said “You smell great tho”.

YES! Here’s some of my favorite parts: Dude thought that a 24-year-old girl who lives alone would invite a complete stranger over for wine. He also believed “Jennifer” wouldn’t care about “Hay the pic u see on my profile it not my pic it my friend pic.” Also, “Jennifer” got OKCupid messages from 30+ dudes in the ~5 hours that she existed. My apologies to the girl whose picture I used.

So yeah, got my phone back. Llamame.

O outro acreditar na sorte toda assim à primeira… como eu costumo dizer: há as pessoas que são honestas por motivos filosóficos… e há as que têm de ser por não terem outra opção 😉


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